"As a Beckenham family & wedding photographer, I specialise in bespoke family portraiture & weddings.  I create relaxed, natural images of your family in your own environment and I want you to feel comfortable and and relaxed. "Her ability to put people at ease, results in photographs which capture the true essence of each family or wedding in a beautiful, creative way.” 

Piccolino Photo  Studio - Photographer

“I have always loved the way a photograph can preserve a particular moment in time and I am constantly seeking out those spontaneous moments which really convey the essence of a person or the mood of a group.”  

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I am a Family and Wedding Photographer

I cover  london, Beckenham and surrounded areas  and I specialise in families, weddings and special occasions. 

Hello!I'm Francesca, an Italian mum of two super active boys and wife of Rocco, my sporty husband, who has been strongly supporting me in my career as a photographer and I admit that sometimes I do forget that 🙂 I I love coffee, films, reading (if just had more time!), cooking (I never miss my Saturday night pizza!) and I love people. I also love photography. A lot.  Sort of obsessed.  This has been going on since my very first beginner class 10 years ago.  It was love at first sight and the passion is still the same if not even more!


My style is candid and natural. Whether I’m photographing families, weddings or special occasions, I seek out those spontaneous moments which really convey the essence of a person or the mood of a group.


Ensuring my clients are comfortable with me and their environment before I begin any shoot is really important - particularly when I’m working with children. As a mum of two, I’ve experienced first-hand the endless photo opportunities kids present when they’re exploring their world and the things around them. So I don’t try to engineer poses that aren’t authentic, I just take the time to help familiarise them with their surroundings so that I can capture them at their natural and spontaneous best! I want people to relax and feel comfortable with me. It's really important that the experience of working with me is remembered as fun. 

Weddings are my favourites. If you are looking for a documentary wedding photographer have a look at my work in the wedding section and please contact me for a chat and ask me as many questions you like. I'd love to hear from you.

Whether I’m photographing an intimate family moment or a boisterous wedding crowd, I am passionate about finding those moments which perfectly capture the distinct dynamics of the occasion. If you are looking for a documentary and reportage style Family and Wedding Photographer in Beckenham, Kent or London I would love working for you