"As a Beckenham family & wedding photographer, Francesca specialises in bespoke family portraiture & weddings.  She creates relaxed, natural images of your family in the studio or on-location. Her ability to put people at ease, results in photographs which capture the true essence of each family or wedding in a beautiful, creative way.” 

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“I have always loved the way a photograph can preserve a particular moment in time and I am constantly seeking out those spontaneous moments which really convey the essence of a person or the mood of a group.”  

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Hi, I'm Francesca

I am a Family and Wedding Photographer in Beckenham  specialising in families, weddings and special occasions. I work across London, Surrey and Kent.

My style is candid and natural. Whether I’m photographing families, weddings or special occasions, I seek out those spontaneous moments which really convey the essence of a person or the mood of a group.

Ensuring my clients are comfortable with me and their environment before I begin any shoot is really important - particularly when I’m working with children in the studio. As a mum of two, I’ve experienced first-hand the endless photo opportunities kids present when they’re exploring their world and the things around them. So I don’t try to engineer poses that aren’t authentic, I just take the time to help familiarise them with their surroundings so that I can capture them at their natural and spontaneous best!

Whether I’m in the studio or on location, photographing an intimate family moment or a boisterous wedding crowd, I am passionate about finding those moments which perfectly capture the distinct dynamics of the occasion. If you are looking for a documentary and reportage style Family and Wedding Photographer in  Beckenham I would love working for you