5 top tips to look beautiful in your wedding pictures

 5 top tips to look beautiful and authentic in your wedding pictures

How to look beautiful in your wedding pictures?

It is entirely natural that on your big day you want to look amazing, not to mention making the most of your professional wedding photographer!

There are so many different moments to capture on a wedding day: from the candid, natural moments of the bride and groom getting ready, to the ceremony, the couple portraits and the formal group shots with family and friends. And let’s not forget the dance floor, which is normally where the best of people comes out!

As a documentary wedding photographer I believe that there is something magical about capturing authentic and candid moments in a natural and artistic way. The expression may only last for a fraction of a second but the image and our memory of it can live on for a lifetime. This is why I prefer this type of shots.

However, I know that some formal family and group shots are often required so a bit of posing is necessary. I would like to share 5 top tips to in wedding photography to get the best out of you.

1 – Bride: how to stand for the camera and look beautiful

Twist your body to the side, point your toe, bend your knee and shift the weight back. Arch your back slightly.  You can also put a hand on your hip. Try to keep your arms away from your body. (Pressing the arms against your body make them look wider).  Touch your hair,  rest your hand on your hip, on your shoulder. Here more examples Arching your back and chest will make you automatically lean forward creating a feminine curve. Finally project your chin out slightly more than you normally would to avoid a double chin. Here more examples

2 –Groom: how to look cool

Hang your body down a little bit. Chest and shoulders should lean towards the camera and the waist further back. This will accentuate the masculinity. Putting the hands in your pocket will also help.

If you sit avoid placing your feet perfectly apart. You could rest one hand on one knee while leaning forward.

 3- Groups: how to show affection and connection

Show point of contacts with your hands within the group, overlap slightly with each other to avoid standing at 180 degrees. Embrace each other or simply rest your hand on someone’s shoulder. The more points of contact there are, the more connection and affection will come across in the picture

4 – Avoid fake smile!

In groups, maybe the photographer or any guest, could entertain say something funny to make you smile for real. Try to Interact with each other, this will make of a posed image a candid shot!

5 – Bride and groom: how to show your love

Try not to look at me, I am just a photographer! Look at each other. I will gently guide you. Bride relax your hands, and place them softly on your husband’s face, on his arm or on his neck. Groom, hold your bride’s waist or place your hands on her hips. Hands are incredibly important in body language! Look at each other, make the most of this romantic and intimate time away from your guests and let all the love and the emotions shine through.

I hope these tips will help you on your day. I have posted some of my photos to have an idea. Pay attention to the hands, the points of contact and the expressions that follow.

I am Francesca, the owner of Piccolino Photo Studio. I am a documentary style photographer based in Beckenham and I cover London, Kent, Surry, Sussex. If you would like to have a chat with me or ask for advice, please get in touch via e-mail hello@piccolinophotostudio.com or through my website: www.piccolinophotostudio.com


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