Christine & Ollie – Family photo session in Beckenham

On the 22nd of January I visited Christine and Ollie for a family photo session in Beckenham. I met them  in their beautiful house in Beckenham, so, very local to me!


The house was full of amazing natural light and  the contemporary layout was perfect for a great family session.  Light, Space, and lines make the perfect ingredients for a successful on location session.

I had a lot of fun and, crazily enough, Ollie spent one year in Germany, in the same university as myself back in 1999.  We met the same people!


Getting the client to focus the attention to something else is very important as it takes the tension away. The session becomes much more relaxed and natural. I try to make sure that children and parents are at their ease, I want them to forget that I hold a camera.

As a result of the relaxed environment, the images were full of non-posed, natural expressions, perfect!

We started, as usual, from the ground floor. I got familiar with the environment and the lights, structured the session, established a friendly relationship with the children and I was ready to go.

To celebrate a fantastic morning the family had a drink at the table followed by some chilling out time on the sofa! Dad was reading the news!


We  then moved upstairs, the eldest daughter enjoyed some “jumping on the bed” time while I took some shots. Having the all family chilled out and interacted with each other which gave me good pictures with lovely eye contacts.

In a house, I always check the bathrooms and the light and see if there is any photo opportunity which I often match with bubbles! And there it was! A modern bathroom with a great skylight and a magic light coming through. With my bubble machine and the excitement of the children, the shots came nice and easy.


And to finish, we went to the garden and did some outdoor photos and a nice family portrait.

It was a lovely day, and the sharing of such old memories made me go and look for my old photos of when I was a student!!!

family photo session in Beckenham


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