Family Photography Session in Herne Hill

On the 28th of October I visited Caroline and her family for an on location family photography session in Herne Hill 

Herne Hill is a lovely area in South London, where I use to live before moving to Beckenham. Every time I travel there I find everything so familiar that  it seems that I have never moved.  I have really good memories of the area and of the fantastic local park: Brokwell Park.


When I arrived, I spent some time playing with Caroline’s old son, 4 years old. A super clever boy, who showed me his books and his train. His little brother was still asleep so we took the opportunity to know each other better and be friends.  Then the little one woke up and we all went to say Good morning. Mum was super sweet and how lovely is it recording simple and sweet moments like this, with everyone in the same room, spending time together, playing and reading stories. These moments seem to be meaningless as they are very ordinary, but when you realise that they won’t last forever as the children grow,  they become priceless and before we know it these moments will be gone.   We moved upstairs and had some relaxing and play time on the bed. I often do this on my on location sessions as the big parent’s bed is loved by children and with everyone on it ,it is fun and happy time while I am taking beautiful photographs!


After a little snack, we headed off to Brokwell Park. The autumn colours were fantastic, the yellow, the brown and the red gave a good dimension to the photos.  We went for a nice stroll and then we stopped at a bench to enjoy the weather.  In the meantime I took some family portraits and captured some moments with the dad and his kids.

The session went exactly as I wanted, no poses at all. Just an ordinary day of a lovely family with two young kids in Herne Hill


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