Family lifestyle gallery

As a Beckenham family photographer, I privilege spontaneous moments and expressions to poses. Just to add that sometimes it is not easy to keep still little children.

The on-location package is a lifestyle photography which takes place in a location of your choice, either your home or anywhere you like. The session has a very natural approach. I tend to accommodate children and make sure they are happy, I don’t want to force them into doing something they don’t enjoy. I follow them, let them play, I ask them to show me around, to see their toys, I want to hear their jokes. In other words, I want to try to be their friends.

As you probably know, the best children pictures are  the ones where they are themselves and forget about someone who’s there taking pictures! I would never ask a child to smile as it will be not a genuine expression. What is better than a real spontaneous smile? As a family photographer, I love to capture the bond between mum and dad and their children, the emotions shown through their eyes and their body language. That's why I believe it is important for parents to be part of the session: to preserve your actual emotions forever. All I do, is asking you to be yourself, and show your love, play, laugh, tell your favourite jokes. It's your time.

When I photograph children together with their parents, generally, once everyone is warmed up, love, emotions, eye contact and cuddles come naturally so that part is relatively easy.

The hard part is trying to photograph kids when they are tired or grumpy which is why I always recommend booking sessions in the morning when everyone generally feels happier and more energetic. I also suggest some snacks and if it's necessary we take a break and a cup of tea. The experience has to be relaxing and nothing forced.

Before the session parents decide where to have their session. This could be at home or outdoor or both.

When I arrive, I may ask to go around your house to find the best spots for light which is next generally next to the windows. Once done I will structure the session and the game will start! I always ask to get some white or plain light wedding if possible as the bedroom is one of the areas where I work 99% of times and white is such a neutral colour that does not distract the eye and allow the subject to keep all the attention. As part of my creativity, I can decide to provide some images in colour and some in black and white depending on the mood I want to create.

The total session takes about 2 hours.

I cover Beckenham, Bromley, all London, Surry, and north Kent