Young family on Location Photoshoot in Orpington

On Sunday the 26th of February I have visited Aurore and her young family for a young family on location photoshoot in Orpington

This time I had the pleasure to meet a European family, Aurore from France and Malte from Germany. Among other things, I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to get in touch with different nationalities and different cultures. This is something that makes you grow, as a person.

Aurore contacted me back in December to purchase a gift voucher. It was a Christmas present for her husband. I am always honoured to be the maker and the artist of a product which represents an important gift.


It was cold but a pale sun was shining. This allowed me to make a good use the light and take wonderful pictures.

We started the session with some family shots.

I love recording the interaction love of the family members. The way they look at each other, of the way they speak or touch.  The look of the parents towards their children. It is not difficult to freeze that love, so strong and natural.


I normally structure the sessions where the light is best around the house.  Have a read about on location sessions here:


Being in the family’s house helps so much in terms of establishing the right mood. The flow of the session is very natural, candid with no poses at all. Everything comes so easy.  And everybody enjoys this time.

Baby Arthur was super smiley and fresh from a nice nap pre session! So we alternated some shots with mum or dad, then Arthur on his own and then the family again together in various rooms. This gave a variety of light and colours to the images.


The last part of the session was in mum and dad’s bedroom upstairs where there was a white wardrobe with a big mirror. I LOVE playing with mirrors during my sessions. I like playing with reflections…in these case the mirror was part of a double doors wardrobe so I could catch a double reflection and a double baby smile!!

It was a lovely young family on location photoshoot in Orpington



Dad and son at the window Family on location session in Orpington. Piccolino Photo Studio
On location session

Piccolino Photo Studio Family portrait in Orpington

Piccolino Photo Studio - child portrait in Orpington


Piccolino Photo Studio - Dad and son in daddy's room in Orpington






Piccolino Photo Studio mum and son in the kitchen - Orpington on location

Piccolino on location photography in Orpington child in front of a mirror

Family at the window


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